Common Questions

Colon therapists are asked many different questions by their new and existing clientele about what to expect before, during, and after treatment, as well as the benefits of receiving colonic irrigation (colonics) using Colon Hydrotherapy...

Who has a Colonic and why?

If you are an Athlete and opt for colon therapy to improve metabolic efficiency.

Many receive the treatments during a period of lifestyle change or as a preventive measure.

Others who manifest symptoms of intestinal distress; constipation (some from prescription drugs), carbohydrate indigestion, diarrhea, gas, bloat, hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diverticulitis, colitis, parasites, skin conditions such as psoriasis, shingles, and eczema, inability to lose weight, and scar tissue and adhesions from surgery.

Another group is pain motived; abdominal pain, continuous headaches and migraines, back or shoulder pain, aching joints, gout.

A number of clients are immune-compromised with lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barre, candida, infections, colds or influenza.

Colon hydrotherapy sessions are used for medical reasons: pre- and post-surgery or barium x-ray, stool samples, and geriatric.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Irrigation or Colonics?

A colonic treatment is a safe drug free effective method for cleansing the colon of waste material by repeated, gentle flushing with water. When we take in more food, emotions, or mental stress than we can utilize and eliminate, toxicity occurs in our bodies. Colon cleansing is a detoxification process using water, herbs, foods, fibers, or clay.Historically, colon cleansing with water has been recognized as a valuable practice in maintaining and regaining health; medical records from 1500 B.C. document its use. Colon Hydrotherapy - also known as colonics - is a powerful method of cleansing using purified water, allowing cell rejuvenation. Gentle hydration washes material from the colon walls. This reduction of bacteria and toxin levels stimulate additional release from the vascular and lymphatic systems. Enhancing the body’s ability to eliminate waste can be a key addition to obtaining your optimal health goals.

What is the reason or purpose for having a Colonic?

Waste material especially that which has remained in the colon for some time (ie impacted feces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites, worms etc pose several problems. First the material is quite toxic or poisonous, and can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making us feel ill, tired or weak and puts extra toxic load on the liver and other cleansing organs. Second, impacted materials impair the colon’s ability to to assimilate minerals and bacteria produced vitamins. Finally, a build-up of material on the colon wall can inhibit the muscular action (peristalsis) of the colon resulting in sluggish bowel movements, constipation and the result of these disorders.

What will Colonics treatments do to the colon?

Help you feel and look like a million bucks!

  • Cleanses
  • Exercises
  • Reshapes
  • Stimulates

Cleanses the Colon: Toxic material is broken down so it can no longer harm you bady or inhibit assimilation and elimination. Even debris built up over a long period is gently, but surely removed in the process of a series of treatments. Once impacted material is removed, your colon can begin to cooperate and function as it was meant to. Colonic treatments truly rejuvenate.

Exercises the colon muscles: The build up of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs its functioning. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves peristaltic (muscular contraction) activity by which the colon naturally moves material.

Reshapes the colon: When problem conditions exist in the colon, they tend to alter its shape , which in turn causes more problems. The gentle action of the water , coupled with the massage techniques of the colon therapist, helps to eliminate stagnant pockets and narrowed, spastic constrictions- enabling the colon to resume its natural state.

Stimulates reflex points: Every system and organ of the body is connected to the body by reflex points. A colon irrigation /colonics treatment stimulates these points, thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way.

Why should I choose Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Having an experienced Certified Colon Therapist available is like having a professional mechanic repair your car’s engine. Through appropriate use of abdominal massage, pressure point reflexology and breathing techniques, the colon therapist is able to work loose and eliminate far more toxic waste than any other short term technique. The second, and subsequent colonics will remove more. How many you wish to have will be determined upon the outcome discussed during your intake session with your practitioner.

The large colon is not the only organ of elimination. What makes a Colonic so important?

The liver, kidney, skin and lungs are also organs of elimination. Colonic irrigation dates back to the early Egyptians and people throughout history have experienced that when the colon is cleansed and healed, the well-being and efficiency of the whole body is greatly enhanced. A clean colon contributes to improved digestion, enhanced absorption of nutrients, better energy, improved mental clarity and a general overall improvement of health. No cleanse, weight loss program or dietary changes are complete without colon cleansing through colon hydrotherapy. Existing toxins and build up should be eliminated before adding further burden.

If it is so important to cleanse the colon why not use self-administered and less expensive enemas, suppositories or laxatives instead?

In our present world with DIY (do it yourself) home remedies there is no equivalent home treatment available to replace a 2 filter + UV light Medical Standard Grade equipment as Aquanet EC-2000™

Watch a video about the manufacturer, Prime Pacific Health Innovations, and the highly acclaimed colon hydrotherapy unit, the Aquanet EC-2000™

Enemas are useful for emptying the rectum, which is the last 8-10 inches of the colon. Suppositories are intended to accomplish the same task. Laxatives, in particular herbal laxatives are formulated for constipation and or to build up the tone of the colon muscle etc. The most effective way to cleanse the largest portion of the entire colon is Colonic Irrigation.

How would I recognize if I had toxic material in my colon & is this common?

This condition is prevalent in most civilized societies, particularly in North America or those societies that follow a western diet and lifestyle. Common signs include headaches, backaches, constipation, fatigue bad breath, smelly feet, body odour, irritability, confusion, skin blemishes, abdominal gas, bloating diarrhea, and sciatic pain. For many people this is part of their everyday experience.

Intestinal toxicity is a common condition. However, toxicity is not limited to the colon. Toxic and waste material is found throughout the body, particularly in fat tissue, joints, arteries, muscles and the liver to name a few. Colonics effectively eliminate large quantities of toxic waste which has a positive effect upon the rest of the body.

What are the characteristics of a healthy, well-functioning colon?

Healthy babies, animals and adults not subject to the many refinements of civilization have bowel movements shortly after each meal is eaten. So, assuming there is sufficient fibre and water available to the colon, one characteristic is a bowel movement shortly after a meal is eaten. Once the urge to eliminate is ‘honored or acted upon by a trip to the washroom, the elimination should be easy and take no more than 15-20 seconds. The stool will be long and large in diameter. When the toilet is flushed the stool will immediately start to be broken apart by the action of the water movement. As incredible as this may sound, it is true and commonly experienced in cultures where people live more naturally and be so for you too!

How can I tell if I would benefit from a Colonic?

Ask yourself if your colon now exhibits the signs of a well-functioning colon. If not, one or more sessions or a series of colonics may bring you great dividends.

Are there any additional benefits I might expect from a Colonic?

Yes, there are a number of benefits. When working with a skilled therapist, a colonics can be a truly enlightening and educational process. You will learn to expand your awareness of your body’s functioning by listening to signals from your abdomen, skin face and eliminations. You will discover that you can spot the early developing conditions before they become serious through clues from these body regions and functions. You will be able to deal with them sooner and more easily than you might otherwise if you waited until they produced effects somewhere else in your body.

Also, the solar plexus is the emotional centre of the body and the transverse colon passes right through it. If an emotional event is left uncompleted, it often results in physical tension being stored in the solar plexus, which in turn affects all organs in the area including the colon. This ongoing tightening of the colon muscle results in diminished movement of the fecal material through the colon and is experienced as constipation. Not only do colonics alleviate the constipation, they can assist you in recognizing and releasing the stored emotion causing the problem. In effect, colonics assist you in creating a fully holistic view of your body’s functioning, leading to a better quality of life.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy safe?

Yes. A detailed consultation takes place prior to treatment with a trained and experienced Certified Colon Therapist to discuss the patient symptoms, health goals and to determine any contraindications (condition or situation whereby it is not advisable to use or undergo a particular therapy, medication or treatment protocol at a given time).

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe effective way to hydrate, encouraging our bodies in natural elimination. Both occasional and seasonal cleansing may be beneficial.

State of the art hospital grade equipment is used. The Aquanet EC- 2000 equipment is tested and calibrated with various safeguards built in to ensure optimal effectiveness. These include Applied Pressure Sensing Technology, Flow Control, and an attached disinfecting system that is run after each treatment. Pre-sterilized, disposable hoses and speculums and other equipment are in sterilized packages - used only once during a single therapy session. The Aquanet EC 2000 has the ability to switch between gravity and pressure and is tested and evaluated to the following medical standards:

  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratory USA
  • EC (European Community)
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration- USA)
  • Health Canada

Is this a "Full Monty” deal?

Not in the least. You will be fully covered and maintain your personal dignity. Colonic Treatments are in a private room which has a bathroom in it. Only you and your therapist, who fully appreciated the sensitivity of the colonic procedure, will be present. Your emotions will be acknowledged and honoured. After the gentle insertion of a small tube into the rectum (sterile disposable speculum about half the size of a regular bowel movement) you are completely covered. Sterile disposable tubing caries twice filtered and UV treated clean water in and another sterile disposable outlet tube carries water and waste materials out to the buildings sewage system. There is no odor or mess that is sometimes present during an enema.

Are colonics used for Colonoscopy preparation?

Yes, colonics treatments are a viable alternative or used in conjunction with traditional preparation techniques for colonoscopy and other operative procedures requiring bowel preparation. Here is a newsclip about Colonoscopy preparation using colon hydrotherapy.

Does a person become dependent upon Colonics? Are they habit forming?

Actually, the opposite happens! A colonic is like taking your gut to the gym. A colonic treatment is a tool intended to be used to create a clean and healthy colon. A colon therapist who is dedicated to your health will encourage you to set a goal of having a well-functioning colon. One of the benefits of colonics is that it tones the colon muscle so that it doesn’t perform so sluggishly. It can sometimes take a day for bowel movements to return to normal after a colonic depending upon the number of “releases” that occur during a treatment. Additionally, many people have sluggish colons due to their diet and lack of exercise. This absence of bowel movements make some think they are dependent on the colonic treatment when in fact one good colonic is worth @10-20 regular bowel movements. Thus, it may take some time for fecal matter to build up once again.

When the colon is sluggish and bowel movements do not return for a few days after one colonic, it is an indication that extensive colon work is needed to remove the debris that the bowel has built up over the years. This build-up of fecal matter has decreased the muscular action of the colon. Once a series of colonics is completed, the colon will begin to function more thoroughly.

Colonics give you a feeling of being lighter, cleaner and healthier with a sense of well-being. Cleansing and building programs offer preventative measures so that you can be in control of your own health. Dietary changes are usually necessary to ensure long lasting and vital health.

Brief history of Colonics ...

14th Century B.C.

Egyptian’s Ebers Papyrus

Mention enemas and colon cleansing procedure.

1700 Century B.C.

Edwin Papyrus

Provide directions for use of enemas-‘use of hollowed out Ram’s horns.

3rd Century

Essene Gospel

Referencing “the uncleanliness within…”

17th Century

“Age of Enemas or Age of Clysters”

It was acceptable practice in Parisian society to enjoy multiple enemas back to back; the belief being that ‘internal lavement’ was essential to well-being.

Late 19th – 20th Century

Advent of Rubber Hosing

Enemas & cysters slowly gave way to primitive hydrotherapy equipment which improved cleansing of the colon


Dr. John H.Kellog

Lead physician for Battle Creek Sanatorium for Health, wrote an article for Journal of American Medicine praising colon therapy’s efficacy in saving dysfunctional bowels and restoring optimal health. He reported that in treatment of gastrointestinal disease, during his career he used colon therapy in over 40,000 cases and had to use surgery in only 20 cases. The rest were helped as a result of cleansing bowels, diet and exercise.

1920’s – 1930’s

Colonics Machines

Many medical doctors had colonics machines in their offices and also in hospitals. Articles dealing with colon health were often reported in esteemed medical and scientific journals until the early 1930’s.

1940’s – 1980’s

Focus on Profit

Interest in colonics declined with the development of more profitable pharmaceutical and surgical treatments. During this period modern drugs and surgery were more in favor. These options seemed to offer relatively instant relief for body ailments, resulting in purification and preventative techniques becoming less attractive or practised.

1990’s – Present Day

Focus on Natural Approaches

Strong resurgence of interest in using natural approaches in conjunction with other holistic and allopathic medicines to heal the body. Colonics has rapidly been regaining the respectability previously earned.


I still have a long road ahead of me but you’ve given me hope ...

I still have a long road ahead of me but you’ve given me hope that progress is possible. I plan to return for more treatments as I believe you might be a miracle worker, right here in Nova Scotia.

B. Stewart

I was very nervous going in to the procedure ...

I was very nervous going in to the procedure but Holly was very warm, welcoming and knowledgeable, making it a much less intimidating experience than I was expecting. I left her office feeling better than I have in years both physically and mentally. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone I know, or anyone suffering from the many ailments that can be improved with the aqua cleanse… Only top-of-the-line and individual sterile equipment is used, ensuring the safety of clients.

Thank you, Holly, for your help!

Christina Masluk

Holly's professionalism and gentle manner makes a person feel comfortable ...

Holly's professionalism and gentle manner makes a person feel comfortable and in fact enjoy the results of colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy is not only beneficial to one's colon health, but as I can attest, the procedure has added benefits such as improving eczema as well as many other ailments. Holly has brought a much needed alternative health care service to Nova Scotia.

Avai Kochanoff

I’ve seen colon hydrotherapy provide tremendous relief to patients ...

I’ve seen colon hydrotherapy provide tremendous relief to patients, especially for those with gut dysfunction and skin conditions. It’s an excellent addition to any treatment plan and I am grateful patients are able to have access to such a wonderful service.

Dr. Jillian Cole ND

Holly Myers is an amazing and vibrant woman with a special energy ...

Holly Myers is an amazing and vibrant woman with a special energy that make her perfectly suited to being a colon hydrotherapist. There is a sensitivity about her which allows her to put folks at ease. She takes her time to help them feel comfortable and confident about the procedure. As a practitioner at Cornerstone Naturopathic, she is always ready with a smile or to give a hand. I’m very blessed to know her and I see her as a mentor and a friend.

Theresa Rollet-McWilliams, RHN, DiHom, RTL

AquaCleanse colonic hydrotherapy has been very beneficial for my digestive issues ...

AquaCleanse colonic hydrotherapy has been very beneficial for my digestive issues. I’ve had chronic constipation and other digestive issues for many years and have tried numerous pills, supplements, and treatments. This treatment has helped my bowels work like they should. Holly is very professional and makes me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her and this treatment to anyone!

Melissa Doucet, Yarmouth

I will never forget your help ...

Hi Holly, I will never forget your help when I was so sick and I look forward to getting another appointment with you.

Helen Ann B.

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